501c3 non-profit supporting the female gaze through film and performing arts grants, promotion and production services


[kal-op–see–uh] -noun

The state of perceiving beauty where others do not.

Kalopsia is a 501c3 non-profit supporting the female gaze through film and performing arts grants, promotion and production services.

Women make up 51% of the population, yet only 4.5% of Directors, 5% of Cinematographers and 14% of Writers in the Entertainment Industry. And if you thought stage was more inclusive, think again! Broadway awards just 13% of Director contracts, 24% of Writer positions and 32% of on-stage Characters to women.

It is Kalopsia's mission to achieve gender parity in Arts and Entertainment by getting women working, keeping them employed and honoring their achievements publicly.

Our film and theatre productions directly and immediately create jobs for women in all positions, our grants keep female creatives employed with project support and emergency funding and our screenings and showcases expose women's work to new eyes so future employers and fans can value their achievements now.

Kalopsia believes equality in media and stage reaches beyond our creative workers and permeates society through the stories we tell. By supporting underrepresented voices and fostering an equal workforce, we are creating a safe and healthy work culture and ultimately higher quality art from diverse perspectives.

Cherry Blossom Artist Relief Grant
2021 open fundraising
United States
The Cherry Blossom Artist Relief Grant benefitted US female filmmakers and performance artists affected by breast cancer while experiencing a loss of income due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Kalopsia assisted in raising $38K to selected artists in emergency need.

Admit One Screening Series
2020 LA production dates
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic closing in-person events, Kalopsia partnered with Danger Arts studios to produce Admit One, a six-episode streaming series featuring private screenings of independent films with at last two women in key creative positions. The Admit One production itself was led by female talent in the Writer, Producer and Director positions.

White Lotus Artist Relief Grant and Stage Benefit
Nov 17, 2019
North Hollywood, CA
Kalopsia partnered with independent Los Angeles production, Pinup Pole Show to produce a fundraising performance directed, choreographed and performed exclusively by women. Our production raised $1800 at the 130-seat sell out performance for The White Lotus Artist Relief Grant, a grant born of immediate response to assist selected female artists-in-need as a result of CA’s Malibu Fires.

Rose Tinted Shorts Screening
Oct 21, 2018
American Film Institute
Los Angeles, CA
The Rose Tinted Shorts Screening featured six short films with one or more female filmmakers in a key position.  With artist Q&A following each film and networking after, the Rose Tinted Shorts Screening was a great success, filling every space in our 85-seat state-of-the-art theatre.